When it comes to wall decor, you want to pick the right size art for the space you’re upgrading.

The two biggest mistakes people make when decorating walls are choosing art that is too small and hanging the art too low.

When it comes to filling wall space, bigger is always better.

Prints and Photography:

We do high quality printing on high quality paper.

We have chosen standard print sizes to make your decorating journey easier. The sizes include 8”x10”, 11”x14”, 16”x20” and 17"x22". 

These sizes look great mixed together to create your own unique gallery wall. Don’t be afraid to not only mix the sizes but the products. Prints, photographs and canvas creations in all sizes can be hung on the same wall for a more contemporary feel. 

For a more standard or classy look, keep frames the same size within a grouping of threes, fours, or sixes. 

Always keep in mind the frame. It’s important to know if you want a matted frame or if you want your image to fill the entire frame. This can determine not only the overall vibe of your space, but might help you decide how many prints you need to complete the look. 

8”x10”: This size looks best in a frame on an entry way table, on a bookshelf, an office desk, side table, etc. Due to its smaller size, it does not look as good alone on a wall, and in my opinion, can even be too small in multiples for a gallery wall. When looking at an image on a wall, you want it large enough to see the image from across the room. If you are interested in adding 8”x10” prints to a gallery wall, we suggest considering the idea of mixing them up with a variety of matted frames. This would allow 8”x10” prints to not be the focal point but add to an esthetic. 

11”x14”: This size is great for a wall on its own or in groupings. We recommend threes, fours, or sixes. Remember, you can take up more wall space depending on the frame you purchase. For example, you can purchase a 16”x20” matted frame for this size print. Although your print is only 11”x14”, you are covering a larger space with that matted frame. 

16”x20”: Our favorite paper size. This size helps fill more wall space, especially if you decide to go with a matted frame. We recommend 16”x20” as a stand alone image on a wall or grouping in a minimum of three prints. 

17"x22": 17" is the largest width our printer allows us to print.  This is considered our "Poster Size." Like the 16"x20", this size helps you fill more wall space. When it comes to walls, we always say, “the bigger the better.” Group multiple together, use as the largest piece in a gallery wall or hang this size as a single stand alone piece on your wall.